Resource Extraction

The State Land Board Resource Extraction group manages the exploration and development of coal, oil and gas, and other solid minerals.  It oversees and evaluates nonrenewable resources, manages all mineral leases, administers quarterly oil and gas lease sales, processes mineral royalty revenue and ensures that the State is compensated for its resources.

Pumpjack, Lowry Range
Pumpjack, Lowry Range

In early 2016, changes were approved for the State Land Board's oil and gas lease.  A summary of those changes is available here.

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The Royalty Accounting Unit of the Minerals
Section processes mineral royalty
revenue and executes related audit and
compliance programs.  The Leasing Unit is
responsible for leasing and developing the
State's land holdings for energy and mineral

The proceeds from these mineral activities
are deposited into the state's permanent
school fund, created to help finance public
primary education.  The dividends and
interest from permanent school fund
investments go into the available school
fund, and from there money is distributed
through the School Finance Act to school
districts on a per pupil basis.  For the fiscal
year 2013, the State Land Board's mineral
revenues exceeded $150 million.  

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