Policy Number

Title of Policy



Stewardship Trust

To establish priorities associated with designating, removing, and managing Stewardship Trust lands


Rec Leasing Policy

To promote recreation use on state trust lands in a manner that achieves market-based revenue while preserving the long-term value of the asset


Noxious Weeds Policy

To protect and enhance the long-term value of trust assets by the prudent control of noxious weeds and invasive species on state trust lands


Management of Trust Assets Policy

To promote transparent and effective trust management practices that generate reasonable income over time while protecting and enhancing the long term value and productivity of trust assets through the application of sound stewardship


Grazing Policy

To generate consistent and sustainable revenue from managing rangeland resources in a manner that protects and enhances the long-term value of trust assets


Cropland Policy

To generate consistent and sustainable revenue from managing cropland in a manner that protects and enhances the long-term value of trust assets


Beneficiary Use Policy

To accommodate the use of state trust lands by beneficiaries of the trusts


Solid Minerals Development Policy

To promote the responsible and timely development of solid mineral resources, achieve market based returns, and manage the impact of resource extraction activities on identified natural values


Renewable Energy Leasing Policy

To promote renewable energy development on state trust lands in a manner that generates market-based revenue, is compatible with other current and future uses, and minimizes impacts to natural values


Rights of Way Policy

To accommodate rights-of-way (ROW) on state trust land in a manner that minimizes encumbrances while preserving long-term real estate value, protecting natural values, allowing multiple uses and achieving appropriate market based returns


Oil and Gas Development Policy

To promote responsible and timely development of oil and gas resources and manage the impact on the natural values of state trust land.


Director Performance Review Policy

To provide for a review of the performance of the Director by the Board.


Conservation Reserve Program Policy

To provide consistent criteria for evaluating whether SLB lands should be enrolled or re-enrolled in the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).


Comprehensive Leasing Policy

Delegates certain lease approvals to the director. Establishes a clear process for appealing director approvals. Requires regular reporting to the Board on all director lease approvals.

2009-001 (Addendum BO 2012-05)









Livestock Grazing Rates

Establishes the process for determining the annual grazing rates across the state.











Extensive Improvements

Establishes the protocol for when or if it is appropriate to dispose of a farmstead located on State Trust Land.










Valuation of Authorized Agricultural Lease Improvements

Establishes the process for the valuation of reimbursable authorized improvements on agricultural leases.


Fiscal Impacts Studies (36-1-112.5 C.R.S)

Identifies the requirements for compliance with Section 36-1-112.5, C.R.S concerning fiscal impact studies.


Management of Mineral Activities on Stewardship Trust Properties

Establishes the process of pursuing mineral development on lands designated into the Stewardship Trust


Temporary Use of State Trust Land in Emergency Situations

Delegates authority to the Director to approve the temporary use of any parcel of state trust land when the Director deems that an emergency situation exists. (conflicts with Policy 2013-001)


Management of Surface Estate of Stewardship Trust Properties and Removal of Land from and Designation of Land into the Stewardship Trust

Establishes the process for management of properties designated into the Stewardship Trust, the nomination of lands for consideration for the Replacement Property List, and the removal and replacement of designated properties.


Inter-Trust Transfers

Establishes the process and requirements for transferring property from one trust to another either through a land for land transfer or a land for cash transfer.


Noxious Weed Management and Control

Establishes the management strategies for noxious weeds on state trust lands and the process for administering the $150,000 Noxious Weed Fund authorized by the legislature. This policy was adopted in response to the Governor's Executive Order 006/99.


State Trust Land Exchanges

Establishes the process for valuation, initiation, publication, final approval and completion of real estate transactions.


Administration of the Land and Water Management Fund

Establishes the process for approving and completing projects from the Land and Water Fund (Section 36-1-148, C.R.S.).


Requiring a Site Specific Management Plan

Delegates authority to the District Manager to require a lessee to provide and operate under a specific management plan.


Bringing Private Irrigation Water onto State Trust lands

Establishes the criteria and process required to use private water rights on state trust land and the Board opportunity to acquire the water as a condition of the lease.

1996-001 Noxious Weed-Free Products on State Trust Lands Establishes the requirement for any lessees or users of state trust land to use only certified weed-free hay or other vegetation materials on any state trust lands. (this is a requirement of all agricultural leases).


Irrigated Crop Land Rental Formula

Establishes the formula for the annual rental rates on irrigated crop lands (may not be active).

1993-011 (Addendum BO 95-115)

Policy Statement Amendment Agricultural Rates

Establishes the formula for converting hay to AUM use.


Denver Basin Water Policy

Directs staff to reserve all water rights in the Denver Basin Aquifer when issuing Patents.


Adoption of Multiple-Use Policy

Establishes the process and requirements to issuance of multiple use leases and for the public access program lease with the Division of Parks and Wildlife.